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Douw & Bekker Pelser

Trophy Safaris cc is a private Safari Outfit and Professional Hunting Company, situated in the Limpopo Province of South Africa on the ranch Wynberg. It is owned and operated by Douw and Bekker Pelser, both members of SCI and Dallas Safari Club (DSC), which offers its clients a unique and exclusive safari adventure, whilst maintaining the highest standards in personal service and hunting ethics.

Hunting is offered in a variety of select big game habitats, including dense valley bushveld, open plains, semi-arid scrub and rocky mountains. Each area is chose to provide hunters with a quality African experience and the opportunity to obtain trophies of a high standard. These areas are situated throughout Southern Africa and for this reason we are able to offer the full range of Southern African species, including members of the Big Five.

Douw Pelser




General Information

The best time to visit South Africa is between April and September (fall till spring), which is the dry season.

LIABILITY: We recommend that your insurance cover will protect you against any risk or medical emergency you may encounter. Please download all the information on our page.

IMPORTANT: Firearm: A temporary firearm import permit will be needed. Firearm permits are issued upon arrival at Airport if you have the right documentation.<br />

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